Alternative Heavens


Goose lumpia, clove and cinnamon sauce, tropical fruit salad, tamarind € 9
Scallops, macadamia nuts, orange, seaweed € 12
Salad of shredded mango, greens and tofu, lime-coriander dressing ( veg ) € 7

Bandung-style Beef and Asian herbal soup, radish € 9
Pumpkin soup with coconut milk ( veg ) € 9

King prawns, jackfruit, spicy kapao sauce € 21
Fish of the day, candlenuts, courgette and sweet potatoes € 22
French baby hen, sauce of turmeric and candlenuts € 22
Jackfruit in sweet curry, tofu with pesmol sauce, black-eyed peas in red curry ( veg ) € 21

Lychee mousse, rosewater, coconut ice cream € 8
Seasonal fruit salad, rosewater and elderflower marinade, refreshing sorbet € 8
Cashewnut parfait, coconut crème anglaise, exotic ice cream € 9
Mango panna cotta, pineapple saté and pineapple-star anise coulis, beetroot granite € 9

3 courses: € 33 | With 2 glasses of wine: € 44

4 courses: € 44 | With 2 glasses of wine: € 55 | With 3 glasses of wine: € 64

The Sultan and I

rijsttafel amsterdam

A rijsttafel with modern touches
Presented in 5 courses

Soft shell crab, mango and pineapple salad, Asian vinaigrette

Fish and seafood soup, lemongrass and lime flavours

Chicken saté Menado-style, peanut and chili sauce
Lamb sate, Indonesian soy-lime sauce

Balinese-style fish of the day, reduced sauce of nuts and mild spices
Classic rendang, spicy beef curry Padang-style, turmeric leaves
Udang blado, spicy prawns, fiery red sauce
Fermented tofu, quail eggs, long beans, rich sauce of ground coriander and ginger

Blue Sensation – a palate freshener with an electric twist

Chef’s dessert

€ 62,50 person
Excluding soup € 55
With a glass of champagne Ayala Brut Majeur € 75

Wine arrangements from € 27 per person ( 3 glasses )

We invite you to advise us on the level of spiciness you will enjoy most