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Indonesich restaurant Amsterdam

A rijsttafel with modern touches
Presented in 5 courses

Slithering seafood and flying fish
4 fines de Claire raw oysters, Asian chili-lime vinaigrette, or
Wild scallops, saffron and orange, sea greens, or
Smoked halibut, Asian gazpacho, spring onion tempura

A moment of deep thought
Rich oxtail consommé

The duck who sailed the moors
Open lumpia, braised duck, avocado salad, dressing of Indonesian herbs

Mischievous mountain goats
Roasted baby goat, Indonesian barbeque sauce, colourful carrots

A sweet aftertaste
Strained yoghurt, blueberry jello, rhubarb, fresh berries, grapefruit sorbet, or
Avocado mousse, chocolate and chili ice cream, passion fruit sponge, espresso sauce

€ 60 per person
Wine arrangements from € 30 per person ( 3 glasses )

The Sultan and I

rijsttafel amsterdam

A rijsttafel with modern touches
Presented in 5 courses

Soft shell crab, mango and pineapple salad, Asian vinaigrette

Fish and seafood soup, turmeric, lemongrass and lime flavours

Chicken saté Menado-style, spicy, peanut and chili sauce
Spring lamb saté, achar, Indonesian soy-lime sauce

Balinese-style fish of the day, reduced sauce of nuts and mild spices
Classic rendang, spicy Padang-style slow-cooked beef, Aunt Sonja’s spice mix
Udang blado, spicy prawns, fiery red chili-ginger-ground pepper sauce
Fermented tofu, quail eggs, mange-tout, rich gravy with laos, kentjur carrots and ginger

Blue Sensation – a palate freshener with an electric twist

Chef’s dessert

€ 64,50 person

With a glass of champagne Ayala Brut Majeur € 75
Wine arrangements from € 30 per person ( 3 glasses )

We invite you to advise us on the level of spiciness you will enjoy most